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I nabbed this and put it at TwitPic w/a caption. 


“Ancient Cemetery” Discovered-Sahara desert dated back to 7,700B.C

(August 14, 2008-National Geographic) “Dinosaur hunters have stumbled across the largest and oldest Stone Age cemetery in the Sahara desert. Paleontologist Paul Sereno and his team were scouring the rocks between harsh dunes in northern Niger in 2000 when they stumbled across the graveyard, on the shores of a long-gone lake. Thescientists eventually uncovered 200 burials of two vastly different cultures that span 5,000 years—the first time such a site has been found in one place.

Called Gobero, the area is a uniquely preserved record of human habitation and burials from the Kiffian (7700 to 6200 B.C.) and the Tenerian (5200 to 2500 B.C.) cultures, says a new study led by Sereno of the University of Chicago.

One of the most striking discoveries was what the research team calls the “Stone Age Embrace”: A woman, possibly a mother, and two children laid to rest holding hands, arms outstretched toward each other, on a bed of flowers.”
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