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Defying belief.: What the Fuck are you doing, DC?

DC Comics has actually been focusing on animated features for the past several years. Some of which have been phenomenal. Crisis on Two Earths for example, or Final Frontier. They’ve been doing well since before the Batman Animated Series. Most recently their Young Justice series has combined some of the best ideas from the comics’ “sidekicks” of the silver and modern ages into an enjoyable amalgam. It’s not canon but it’s fun storytelling. This second season seems to be getting a little dark and vain, but what the hell it’s still entertaining. 

The problem DC comics has is trying to make live action believable. With animation, you just need good voice over talent and good artists. It’s much cheaper to have a dozen powered humans on screen at the same time when all you have to do is draw them. Everybody seems to love what they did to Batman. I find it horrendous personally, but then I actually thought Michael Keaton wasn’t half bad. Everything since then has sucked. I also pine for Christopher Reeve. He set the bar pretty damned high. I haven’t seen the Green Lantern attempt, cuz he’s my Aquaman. Everyone else thinks GL is cool. I’d rather see Brother Power The Movie. 

The REAL reason why Ant-Man & Wasp aren’t in Avengers? HOW do you make them look believable? How do you NOT make them look STUPID in live action w/CGI or more conventional camera tricks? MAYBE now that they’re making billions, they’ll try it, but Ant-Man RIDES ON AN ANT for crying out loud and Wasp looks like frikkin’ Tinkerbell. Making them look cool & sexy will NOT come cheap. 


What the fuck, DC comics? You are dropping the fucking ball. Have you seen what Marvel is doing?….

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    lol DC needs to get their act together because superman and batman get kinda old after 34643q6745657676 movies
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    Ugh. Have you SEEN the recent attempts with Wonder Woman? I don’t think I’ve seen a real case yet where her character...
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    I would die if they made a teen Titans movie.. When Tron 3D came out I was in the theater and the first part was the kid...
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    I would see Wonder Woman 3 if it had traces of girl-power in it.
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    I need this so bad.
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