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You are probably aware that it can be pretty frustrating to try and make your thumbnail fit with all the ways that YouTube will slice, dice, crop, and overlay your image. 

But as of Apirl 29th 2013, I think I’ve found all of the possible things that can happen to your thumbnail, and the above guide will help you design for ALL of those cases. Note, YouTube is always adding new ways to dice up your images, so never think you’ve got the perfect thumbnail.

You can scale this image up to 1920 pixels wide if you want to go full HD with it. 

Also above is an annotated version showing examples of the different crops and overlays for thumbnails, so it’s clear what I’m talking about. 

The only thing that might need explaining is the 1280x960 “full bleed.” There is only one case where YouTube uses that full bleed at the moment (in sidebar displays of playlists.) That display might be going away soon, but they do frequently change how they use these images, so I’m going to keep designing for the full bleed just in case.

Finally, while writing this, I have tried really hard not to gripe but WTF IS UP WITH THE YOUTUBE APP! A CENTERED, FLOATING 475 x 1175??!!! WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT!?

Miles Morales - Ultimate Spider-Man (universe 1610)



This is your Miles Morales intro!

This is an image-heavy post, more below the cut!

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I know of Miles Morales distantly, but Peter Parker is MY Spider-Man and always will be. So I’m hesitant to embrace this idea of a Spidey without Peter behind the mask, but by the same token, I’m annoyed how comics change with the times and yet remained the same because publishers fear changing their brand so much it loses their old readers. They should be more focused on attracting new readers.

Tell compelling stories, and the old readers will come back, provided we can afford comic books what with two mortgages and bills and no longer living on our parents’ allowance, etc. 

Iran recently photoshopped a photo of Michele Obama taken during her appearance on the Oscars. They covered her chest and shoulders cuz it’s against their culture for women to express themselves however they want. This is my response to such silly stupidity. 


Historical moments in shade throwing, Inauguration Edition 2013. Keep your eyes on FLOTUS’ reaction to what Boehner said to her and POTUS.


Usually I love morons. they’re fun to laugh at. Take this asshat for instance

He believes the Sandy Hook Massacre was a “Satanic ritual” and was a Hoax.

another funny thing by this asshat he believes only Christian males should carry guns. Because people with loose morals are violent (guess he forgot about the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition.) anyway like I said I love Morons they’re great to laugh at. the Scary part is. this man has a following. touring and spreading fear and hate. Religion is a Scary thing.

Satan is simply the warden of a very large prison. Quiet man actually, thoughtful and he’s well read. And I happen to know the idea of sacrificing children in his honor annoys him greatly.

The man who can turn armies round at the mere mention of his name: The Doctor. 


Here is the first launch art for Doctor Who Series 7.

Here’s the description:

The image shows Amy Pond being carried by an injured, grim-faced Doctor. They’re both surrounded by Daleks that have been encountered during different eras of the Time Lord’s travels.

A Dalek on the right of the picture does not have any of the vertical grille-like slats that have become a familiar feature, indicating it’s a version the Doctor faced when he first met his oldest enemies on Skaro. And on the left there’s a Special Weapons Dalek, last seen in the 1988 story, Remembrance of the Daleks.

It’s a fiery and exciting sign of what’s to come in the new series!

Speculate away….

We also have the launch trailer for Series 7 coming in six hours so tuck this blog away in its own tab and come back at 6am UK time/1am EDT/10pm PDT

Here’s a direct download for a very big version of the image

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